Installation Instructions for Screen Protectors

Thank You for your interest in Mobilari products, we appreciate your business! We have decided to create this web page to share instructions related to installation of our tempered glass screen protectors. Each of our products contains detailed installation manual in the box however we think it can make it easier for users to see the actual installation process on video. In our product portfolio we have variety of screen protectors for Apple and Samsung devices and we further plan to gradually expand our portfolio. Thank you for your support and hope you find our videos helpful. 

iphone samsung screen protector tempered glass

Installation Instructions for Smartphone / Tablet

Step 1. Clean Your Screen

Place your device on flat clean surface to assure your phone is in stable position during installation process. Clean your screen thoroughly using provided cleaning wipe, microfiber cloth and dust removal sticker. Check your phone carefully to see if there are no fingerprints or dust remaining on your screen. The cleaning process prepares your device for installation of screen protector.


Step 2. Place Easy Application Tray on Your Phone

Please use the provided Easy Application Tray to properly align your screen protector during installation. It is not mandatory but strongly recommended to assure proper alignment. If your screen protector is not on straight it may cause functionality issues. Place the tray on the top of your smartphone and press down. Check the corners to assure they are secure and properly aligned.


Step 3. Peel Protective Layer and Place

Peel away the protective backing and while doing this please be careful not to touch exposed surface. Use the Easy Application Tray to perfectly align your screen protector with your device. Place the screen protector on your device.


Step 4. Apply

Press down on the center of the glass to start the adhesion process. Use your thumbs to smooth out any remaining bubbles.


Step 5. Finish

Use either of tabs on your screen protector to slowly remove the protective layer. Next please remove Easy Application Tray from your device. Use the microfiber cloth to press out any microbubbles and wipe away fingerprints. 

apple watch screen protector installation manual

InstallationInstructions for Apple Watch

Step 1. Clean Your Device

Use included cleaning set to prepare your device for screen protector installation. In the box you will find included cleaning wipe, microfiber cloth and dust removal sticker. Use all those to clean your devices’ screen completely. Any remaining dirt which is left on the screen will be visible after application of watch screen protector and might negatively affect the devices performance.


Step 2. Application of Installation Tray

Place the installation tray which is attached in your box onto the face of your Apple Watch. Make sure to correctly fit it over the crown. Gently press down on the tray to make sure it evenly and it is fitting all the edges.


Step 3. Remove Protective Liner

Remove protective liner from screen protector. This will expose adhesive surface, be careful NOT to touch it. Best to hold the screen protector gently by the edges.


Step 4. Screen Protector Application

Place screen protector in the installation tray on the watch face. Starting at the center of the screen run the squeegee up the top half of the screen. Then turn your Apple Watch around so the top part of the screen is now on the bottom. Start at the center of the screen and run the squeegee up the other half of the screen to attach screen protector to remaining part of the screen.


Step 5. Remove Installation Tray and Finish

Remove the installation tray from you Apple Watch and use the squeegee to press out any microbubbles and smooth down the sides if necessary. Use the microfiber cloth to wipe off any remaining fingerprints if necessary.